Andy Blaustein

Andy is a senior theater education major with an emphasis in performance. He was most recently seen as Jack: The Minstrel in Emerson Stage’s production of Incorruptible directed by Benny Sato Ambush. He also appeared as Aaron McKinney in the nation wide staged reading of The Laramie Project: The Epilogue produced in partnership with the Theater Tectonic Project, Emerson College, and The Majestic Theater. In the summer of 2008, Andy was an apprentice at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Williamstown, MA. He was seen at the Festival as Vic in the show Up Up and Away as part of a directing studio project series.

Andy Blaustein



Up, Up and Away Lead Williamstown Theater Festival, MA
Incorruptible Lead Emerson Stage, MA

Dir. Benny Sato Ambush

The Corn Is Green Ensemble Huntington Theater Company, MA

Dir. Nicholas Martin

Romeo and Juliet Lead Theater In The Open, MA
Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland Supporting Theater In the Open, MA
The Laramie Project: The Epilogue Lead Tectonic Theater Project/

Emerson College, MA

J.B. Lead Rareworks Theater Company, MA
Sangre De Un Angel: An Original Bilingal Show Supporting Emerson Stage Touring Production, MA


Acting: Kristen Johnson (Master Acting Workshop),  Ken Cheeseman, Kay Cole (Acting For The Camera) David Krasner (Classics and Shakespeare, Scene Study) Amelia Broome (Voice-Linklater), Sarah Hickler (Movement), and Brad Lemack (Business of Acting).

Special Skills

Performance Poetry, Accents (Scottish, Russian, Cockney, New York, Southern), Intermediate Juggler, Soccer, Basketball, and Frisbee.


B.A. Theater Education – Acting, Emerson College

Williamstown Theater Festival – Apprentice

Michael Donovan Casting – Intern


Height: 5’8. Weight: 135. Hair Color: Brown. Eye Color: Blue


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Michael McNamara

          Michael has been acting since the age of six in (mostly) amateur theatre and film. He grew up in Andover, Massachusetts and attended Andover High School, where he had the opportunity to explore his passion for theatre. Notable high school productions include roles in The Dining Room, and The Chopin Playoffs, and he also served as an assistant director and producer of the semi-final round of the Massachusetts High School Drama Guild Festival. He received two awards for excellence in acting from the Guild. After high school, Michael continued to pursue his passion for the arts at Emerson College, where he majored in theatre studies and performed at Emerson and around the Boston community in The Laramie Project,Edward Albee’s The Goat or Who is Sylvia?. and the inaugural performance of Anne and Emmett, under the direction of Obie Award winner Robbie McCauley. He also worked in several student films and explored new passions for writing and directing. He is pursuing a career in talent representation and casting, and is currently interning at Dava Waite Peaslee Casting in Los Angeles.

Michael McNamara

978-835-8332 /



The Hundred Dresses               Jack Beggles      Cutler Majestic Theatre (dir. Robert Colby)

Anne and Emmett                     Chorus                  Greene Theatre (dir. Robbie McCauley)

The Void                                       Narrator               Cabaret Theatre

The Laramie Project                Doc O’Connor,     Incendiary Theatre Ensemble

                                                         Rev. Phelps, et al.

Our Country’s Good                Harry Brewer,    Collins Center for the Performing Arts

                                                         John Arscott    

The Dining Room                      Actor #2               Collins Center for the Performing Arts

The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?   Billy                       Incendiary Theatre Ensemble

The Lottery                                  Jack Wilkins       Collins Center for the Performing Arts

The General of Hot Desire      Seth                       Collins Center for the Performing Arts

The Chopin Playoffs                 Stanley Rosen   Collins Center for the Performing Arts


Punch Drunk Love                    Lead                  Emerson Student Film

Sideways                                  Lead                  Emerson Student Film

Serealist Art                             Lead                  Emerson Student Film

Perception                                Lead                  Emerson Student Film


BA Theatre Studies, Acting Emphasis (expected 2010)     

Emerson College

Acting: Business of Acting (Brad Lemack), Acting for the Camera (Kay Cole), Dialects (Amelia Broome), Stage Combat (Ted Hewlett), Acting for the Camera (Ken Cheeseman), Ensemble (Robbie McCauley), Scene Study (David Krasner), Voice/Text (Amelia Broome), Improvisation (Ken Cheeseman), Movement (Sarah Hickler), Song Performance (Julie Paige), Scene Study (Julie Paige)

Special Skills

yoga, distance running, Southern and Proper British dialects, stage combat, drivers licence, valid passport, saying words backwards


Height: 6’         Weight: 160

Hair:Red           Eyes: Green

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Caroline S. Grace

Caroline is a B.A. Theater studies major, with an emphasis in acting and directing for both theater and film. Growing up as the second youngest in a family of five children, she desperately sought an outlet for self-expression (and perhaps a little more attention!) so she began her acting, voice, and dance training at the age of nine and has been hooked ever since. Caroline received her first professional role in 2009 with 11:11 Theater Company in Boston where she played Nora in the world premiere of The Quite Infinite. She also had the opportunity to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland to perform in the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In addition, Caroline has participated in a conglomerate of student films, doing both acting and voice over work, and is a classically trained soprano vocalist. With an open heart and an open mind, Caroline looks forward to a wild roller coaster of a journey that this life has to bring.

Caroline S. Grace

(516) 815-7412/



REASONS TO BE PRETTY          Lead                                    Emerson College

THE QUIET INFINITE                 Supporting                        Boston Center for the Arts

GODS: A PASSION                        Supporting                         St. Paul’s School

THE LARAMIE PROJECT           Ensemble                           St. Paul’s School

PASSION FRUIT                              Lead                                    St. Paul’s School

THE NIGHT THOREAU SPENT  Supporting                       Walnut Hill School



GRAY AREA                                                       Lead                    Dir: George Tunis

PLEASURE, AMUSEMENT, PAIN              Lead                    Dir: George Tunis

SUMMER IN UTOPIA                                    Supporting          Dir: Justine Bevilacqua

THE PRESCEDENT                                         Supporting           Dir: Tony Yacenda




Scene Study            Kay Cole                      Emerson College

Scene Study            Craig Mathers            Emerson College

Scene Study            Kathryn Rossetter      NYU CAP21

Voice                        Tessa Lang                  NYU CAP21

Voice                       Moran Abouloff           Humboldt Schule, Leipzig

Voice                       Ellen Nordstrom-Baer  St. Paul’s School


St. Paul’s School, Concord, NH, Magna Cum Laude

B.A. Theater Studies, Emerson College


Classically-trained soprano vocalist, intermediate downhill skier, conversationally fluent in German, serious yoga practitioner, chess, and advanced ice hockey player.

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Evan Rhoda

“The art of acting consists in keeping people from coughing.”  Since age ten, Evan has prevented audiences from coughing fits all over the Connecticut/Massachusetts area, and now he feels it’s time to save Los Angeles from this epidemic!  Evan will be graduating from Emerson College in May with a B.A. in Theatre Studies.  He would like to congratulate his peers, and thank his parents for their undying love and support.

Evan Rhoda

(860) 916-1654 / Evan.M.Rhoda@gmail



“GRAY AREA”                                Lead                     A2A Productions (dir. George Tunis)
“BUSINESS AS USUAL”              Supporting         National Broadcasting Society


“SIX CHARACTERS…”                 Lead                    Greene Theatre, Boston (dir. Courtney O’Connor)
“HAROLD’S FALL”                        Lead                    Semel Theatre, Boston (dir. Joseph Antoun)
“PTERODACTYLS”                        Lead                    Greene Theatre, Boston (dir. Chris McCoy)
“CITY OF ANGELS”                       Supporting        Cutler Majestic, Boston (dir. Scott LaFeber)
“ALADDIN: A MUSICAL…”         Lead                    Godief Productions, Winthrop, MA
“THE KING & I”                             Supporting         Downtown Cabaret Theatre, Bridgeport, CT
“A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S…”    Supporting         Norris Ely Orchard Theatre, Windsor, CT


Acting: Brad Lemack (Business of Acting), Ken Cheeseman (Acting for the Camera), Ted Hewlett (Stage Combat), Scott LaFeber (Ensemble), Kathleen Donohue (Playing Self), Adam McLean (Movement).  Voice: Amelia Broome (Voice and Text – Linklater).
Internship: Denise Chamian Casting (Jan 2010 – Present)


Conversational Spanish, East Indian Accent, stage combat (unarmed, basic rapier, archery), can read music, guitar (2 years), beatboxing, piano (2 years), juggling, front flip, trampoline, sports (soccer, basketball, skateboarding, snowboarding, ultimate frisbee), PC and MAC proficient, drive automatic car


B.A. Theatre Studies – Acting, Emerson College (Boston, MA & Los Angeles, CA)


Height – 5’10’’; Weight – 160 lbs.; Hair – Black; Eyes – Dark Brown

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Jennifer Flaxman

Originally from New York, Jennifer Flaxman has been performing ever since she was young, from a karaoke machine in her family’s kitchen, to emcee-ing charity events throughout her time in college. She will be graduating from Emerson College in May with a BA in Theatre Studies and Marketing and plans on returning to Southern California to jump-start her career and of course enjoy that California sunshine.

Jennifer Flaxman

(914) 806-5354 /


Film & Television

The Yard                                                 Sophie                                    Giafrese Productions, Boston, MA

Inside the Box                                       Carrie                                    The Emerson Channel, Boston, MA

Math is Love                                         Lead Female                        Student BA Film, Boston, MA

They Call Me Daphne                        Daphne                        Student BA Film, Boston, MA

Limbo                                                     Jennifer                        Lucid Films, Boston & Los Angeles


The Food Chain                                    Bea                                    Directing Project, Boston, MA

The Other Shore                                   Old Lady/Crowd            Rareworks Productions, Boston, MA

The Ugly Duckling                               Dulcibella                        Emerson College, Boston, MA

A Mad Breakfast                                   The Maid                        Emerson College, Boston, MA

Our Town                                               Narrator                        Blind Brook Productions, NY

You Can’t Take                                     Gay Wellington            Blind Brook Productions, NY

It With You


Emerson College, Boston, MA

BA Theatre Studies – Performance

* Improvisation (two semesters)

* Voice: Linklater (one semester)

* Movment (one semester)

* TV and Film (two semesters)

Special Skills

Improvisation, Yoga, Tennis, Basketball, Roller blading, Juggling

Teams / Clubs

Ultimate Improv, ImprovBoston

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