Eitra Kennedy

Eitra’s career in the arts and entertainment industry so far proves that experience and training come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Numerous credits and opportunities from numerous areas of the industy have come his way, including work in news anchoring, hosting of a college television show, voice-over work, Latin/ballroom dancing, singing/song-writing, acting on stage/camera and more. He’s landed a wide-range of roles, from a homeless child eating out of a dumpster, to a self-indulgent, popular guy wanna be, who only wants to get his roomate to be as popular as he thinks he is. Although he works to maintain a successful career in the entertainment industry, he strives to be even more successful in contributing to the community and planet at-large.

703.862.4312                                                                                   eitra.kennedy@gmail.com  ________________________________________________________________________


“REALITY TV PILOT”                                 Host                                 Student Production

“OFF-CAMPUS”                                              Lead                                 Student Production


“SEX – THE MUSICAL”                              Supporting                  Student Production

“OMG, I’M DATING A VAMPIRE”        Starring                         Student Production

“THE BREAK UP”                                         Starring                         Student Production

“MATH IS LOVE”                                         Starring                           Student Production

“AGE APPROPRIATE”                              Supporting                    Student Production

“SLICES OF LIFE II”                                   Supporting                    Student Production


“FAMILY WEEKEND”                              Supporting                     Cutler Majestic, Boston, MA

“NEW STUDENT REVIEW”                   Supporting                     Semel Theatre, Boston, MA

“THE MUSIC MAN”                                   Lead                    H-B Woodlawn Auditorium, Arlington, VA

“PIRATES OF PENZANCE                      Supporting       H-B Woodlawn Auditorium, Arlington, VA

“INTO THE WOODS”                                 Lead                   H-B Woodlawn Auditorium, Arlington, VA

“TOO BEE OR NOT TO BEE…”               Supporting                     Garde Theatre,          New London, CT


Conflicts upon request.


– Composer/Producer of original album, “Instrumentalitis

– 20 Min. Solo Performance Piece

– Emerson College Lions Mascot

– Live On-Air Hip-Hop DJ for WERS 88.9

– 1st place at District and State competition:  Radio Pre-Produced:               “World Hunger,” Roanoke, VA and 1st place at Television News Anchor National Competition Kansas City, MO.

– Gave the acceptance speech for my grandmother, Adrienne Kennedy’s Honorary Doctorate, from Ohio State University



SOCAPA – New York City (on-camera technique/Stanislavski Method).

Marian Seldes (technique & theory).


Accents, singing/songwriting/composing, dance, photography.


BA in Theatre Education, Emerson College, School of Performing Arts.


Height: 5’6’’           Weight: 130 lbs.             Hair: Brown            Eyes: Brown


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