Corinne Mesa hails from the Northeast Kingdom in Northern Vermont. She began acting at the age of five as the lead in her kindergarten play The Elephant’s Child. At the age of 12, fell in love with Shakespeare through a youth Shakespeare Camp and from the ages of 12-17, she performed in seven Shakespearian productions. Her roles included Puck in A Midsummer Nights Dream, Viola in Twelfth Night, Rosencrantz in Hamlette; Princess of Denmark, and Miranda in The Tempest. She also played the lead in the murder mystery The Patient and won state and regional awards from her improved part of Harlequin in Moliere’s The Forced Marriage. In her last three years at Emerson, she’s performed in nine films and one television series, as well as producing a CampusMoviefest national winning documentary, The Street Crusade. She’s finishing her senior year at Emerson College in Los Angeles.

Corinne Mesa
(802) 760-7169

“INSIDE THE BOX”                             Co-Star                      Emerson Channel

“SIGHT AND SOUND”                        Starring                     High Street Productions
“CORINNE’S LOVER”                         Starring                     802 Films
“THE ELEVATOR WATCHMEN”     Co-Star                      Student Film/Emerson College
“CHAPTER II: COME BACK”             Starring                     Student Film/Emerson College
“A GYPSY KIND OF LOVE”                Starring                     Student Film/Emerson College
“THE BEGINNING”                             Starring                     Student Film/Emerson College
“EXCHANGE “                                      Starring                     High Street Productions
“THE ARCHITECT”                             Starring                     Thunderball Productions
“THE SECRETARIAT”                        Starring                      Dragon and Phoenix Productions


“A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM”             Puck                      Get Thee to the Funnery, VT
“TWELFTH NIGHT”                                           Viola                     Get Thee to the Funnery, VT
“HAMLETTE; PRINCESS OF DENMARK”    Rosencrantz       Get Thee to the Funnery, VT
“AS YOU LIKE IT”                                                Corin                   Hazen Union High School, VT
“THE TEMPEST”                                                  Miranda             Get Thee to the Funnery, VT
“THE PATIENT”                                                   Lead                    Backwoods Theatre Company, VT
“MACBETH”                                                          Lady Macduff    Get Thee to the Funnery, VT
“KING LEAR”                                                        Goneril                Get Thee to the Funnery, VT
“THE FORCED MARRIAGE”                            Harlequin            Peoples Academy, VT

Casting Training w/Maura Tighe
Get Thee to the Funnery Shakespeare Camp – Camper/Counselor

B.A., Theatre Studies – Performance, Business, Emerson College, Boston Massachusetts

Basic Jazz dance, intermediate soccer/basketball, intermediate yoga, intermediate snowboarder, basic/intermediate cross-country skiing, intermediate runner, basic Spanish, double jointed fingers, Linklater voice training.

Height: 5’4”; Weight: 125 lbs.; Hair: brunette; Eyes: brown.


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