Ian Wallace

Originally trained as a classical pianist, Ian made the switch from music to acting in high school.  While studying acting at Emerson, Ian has starred in countless student plays and films.  In 2007, he joined the Boston-based troupe Ultimate Improv Boston and performed with them monthly.  Recently, Ian starred in the independent short Drawing From Life, which is currently touring film festival circuits in both the United States and the Czech Republic.  Ian is about to graduate from Emerson College with his degree in theater studies and screenwriting.  A native of Newburyport, Massachusetts, he recently made the move to the west coast, and currently resides in Los Angeles

Ian Wallace

(978) 360-0049 / IanMichaelWallace@gmail.com



The Tonight Show with Jay Leno      Sketch Player           NBC

Urban Undone                                         Series Regular          46 & 2 Media Productions

Tennis Balls                                               Co-Star                       E.I.V. Productions


Endgame                                                     Lead                            Warlords Productions

Drawing From Life                                  Lead                             Kozmic Gas Productions

The Big Kill                                                Lead                             Last Day Productions

India: A Documentary                           Narrator                      Trauernicht Films

Sunday Morning Breakfast                 Supporting               J.D. Marlow Productions


Asymmetry                                                 Luper/Edgar              Emerson College Cabaret

Sex Lives of Superheroes                     Michael                  Greene Theater; Boston, MA

Glory in the Flower                                Bus Riley                Greene Theater; Boston, MA

A Devil Inside                                            Carl Raymonds         Emerson College Cabaret

Play                                                               M.                                Semel Theater; Boston, MA

Tatjana in Color                                      Teacher/Father         Emerson College Cabaret

Brighton Beach Memoirs                    Stanley                           NHS; Newburyport, MA


Acting: Kay Cole (on-camera technique); Ken Cheeseman (on-camera technique, improv); Richard Gillman (improv); Robbie McCauley (ensemble acting); Dossy Peabody (scene study); Adam McLean (movement)

Voice: Amelia Broome (Linklater technique, dialects)

Stage Combat: Ted Hewlett (unarmed, rapier, broadsword, quarterstaff, rapier/dagger)

Music: Claudia Keyian (classical piano)


Piano, singing (tenor/baritone), accents (British, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Australian, French, American Southern, Deep South, Boston, New York, German, Russian), proficient in Mac & PC, can solve a Rubik’s cube in under two minutes


B.A., Theater Studies: Acting, Screenwriting minor, Emerson College (Boston, MA & Los Angeles, CA)


Height: 5’11” ; Weight: 175 lbs. ; Hair: Brown ; Eyes: Gray


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