Brian Tweedy

Brian Tweedy started his career in New York at the ripe young age of 10 playing a disco dancing Santa Clause in his grade school Christmas Concert. He found a love of the theatre working on musical comedies throughout high school. For his senior year, Brian attended the Long Island High School for the Arts to study Drama. There he landed his first lead role in a feature film, The Bloody, the Bogus, and the Totally Rad, a selection at the Long Island Film Festival ‘07. His experiences guided him to Emerson College where he majored in theatre studies, focusing on acting, writing and directing. While at Emerson, Brian worked on over 30 film projects ranging in length and scope.

Brian currently resides in Burbank, California and is focusing on furthering his film career both in front of and behind the camera.

Brian Tweedy

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Browne at Midnight                 SERIES REGULAR                       Pilot/ Kevin Bright

Solitary Confinement                      CO-STAR                                  Pilot/ Elyse Reback


Hank & Maggie                            STARRING                    Short Film/ Keenan Corolla

Darkroom                                       STARRING                  Short Film/ Ashton Golembo

Slight of Head                               STARRING               Student Film/ Garrett Williams

Double-Crossed                            STARRING                    Student Film/ Tom Goodwin

Where’s Me                                   STARRING                 Student Film/ Julie Sesnovitch

Street Cycle                                     STARRING                  Student Film/ Emil Toolnan

Bloody, Bogus & Totally Rad           LEAD                         Feature/ Anthony Petrucci

My Darling, My Dearest                   LEAD                    Short Film/ Ilya Polyakov

The Hop                                                 LEAD                        Short Film/ Tyler Bell

High-Fi                                                   LEAD                      Student Film/ Alex Amoling

Good Friends                                        LEAD                      Student Film/ Mike Lawrence

Get Happy                                      SUPPORTING                     Short Film/ Matt Pitkoff

Imaginary Love                            SUPPORTING                     Short Film/ Brian Dann

Elevator Music                             SUPPORTING                 Student Film/ Missy Allard

Ten                                                  SUPPORTING                   Student Film/ Greg Cohen

The Zookeeper                               FEATURED                                MGM/ Frank Coraci

The Town                                            EXTRA                          Warner Bros./ Ben Affleck


A Mad Breakfast                                   LEAD                            Emerson College/Boston

Hansel, Gretel & Santa Clause          LEAD                           Emerson College/Boston

March                                                       LEAD                            Emerson College/Boston

Footloose                                                LEAD                Airport Playhouse/Long Island

Grease                                                      LEAD                         Copiague HS/Long Island

Seussical: The Musical                       LEAD                       Copiague HS/Long Island

Mac Wellman’s Antigone                  CO-STAR                    Emerson College/Boston

Chalky White Substance                    CO-STAR                     Emerson College/Boston

The Wizard of Oz                                 CO-STAR    Bay Way Playhouse/Long Island



B.A. Theatre Studies (Acting/Directing) Minors: Writing/Honors, Emerson College

Certificate of Excellence in Drama, Long Island High School for the Arts

Improv: (Richard Gilman, Ken Cheeseman, Michael Tester, Joe Antoun)              On Camera: (Ken Cheeseman, Robert Patton-Spruill, Bates Wilder, Tom Kingdon)   Business of Acting: (Brad Lemack) Comedy: (Spiro Veloudes)    Voice: (Normi Noele)  Scene Study: (Kathleen Donaghue, Abbe Gail Gross)  Combat: (Ted Hewlett, Michael Tester) Solo Performance: (Kathleen Donaghue)  Performance Art: (Sunill Swaroop, Mirta Tocci)   Clowning: (Ron Hoffman)    Directing: (Melia Bensussen, Robert Patton-Spruill)


Conversational German, Accents (Boston, American Southern, New York, German, Swiss, Russian, Swedish), Native American Grass Dancer, Mac/PC proficient, Sports(Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Dungeons & Dragons)




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