Allison Faythe

Allison Faythe is currently finishing up her senior year as a theater education and acting major at Emerson College, in Boston, MA. She grew up in Westchester, New York, just thirty minutes north of New York City, where she discovered her passion for musical theater at a young age. This passion was nurtured as she grew and she honed her craft, training at the renowned summer conservatory programs at NYU’s CAP 21 and Carnegie Mellon University’s Musical Theater and Acting Conservatory, from here, Allison then went on to study theater education and acting at Emerson College.

With the vast performing opportunities offered at Emerson, Allison soon found her true love and calling, film. Her film credits include: The Things Stolen, Invisible, A Square with Three Sides, and Gray Area. Allison was nominated for Best Actress at Brandeis University’s film festival, SunDeis, for her performance in Invisible. She has also received international recognition in her performance in A Square with Three Sides, as the film screened at LGBT film festivals in London, England, Zurich, Switzerland, and Lisbon, Portugal. Her stage credits include, Cabaret as Fraulein Kost, Hair as Ronny, A Chorus Line as Judy, and Chicago as Liz-Cell Block.

Allison now resides in Los Angeles where she plans on pursuing a career as a professional actor after graduating from Emerson in May 2010.

Allison Faythe

(914) 391-6681 /


                                                                ALLISON FAYTHE

                                                                   – 914-391-6681 –




“GRAY AREA”                                                     Co-Star                                       Feature

“THE ACTRESS”                                                   Star                                             Short Film

“IN TRANSIT”                                                      Star                                             Short Film

“A SQUARE WITH THREE SIDES”                Star                                             Short Film

“INVISIBLE”                                                        Star                                              Short Film

“THE THINGS STOLEN”                                   Supporting                               Short Film


“REASONS TO BE PRETTY”                      Co-Star              The Cabaret Theater, Boson, MA

“THE MIND/BODY DIALOGUES”          Supporting       Emerson College, Boston, MA

“CABARET”                                                    Fraulein Kost   Cagle & Company, Irvington, NY

“HAIR”                                                            Ronny                  Cagle & Company, Dobbs Ferry, NY

“A CHORUS LINE”                                      Judy                     Cagle & Company, Dobbs Ferry, NY

“CHICAGO”                                                   Liz (Cell Block)  Cagle & Company, Dobbs Ferry, NY

“PHANTOM”                                                Supporting          Helen Hayes Theater Co., Nyack, NY


Conflicts upon request. 


Brad Lemack (The Business of Acting – Emerson College), Kay Cole (Advanced Acting for the Camera – Emerson College), Ken Cheeseman (Acting for the Camera – Emerson College),  Amelia Broome (Dialects and Voice & Text – Emerson College),  Kathleen Donohue (Scene Study and Playing the Self – Emerson College),  Ted Hewelett (Movement – Emerson College),  Jonathan Hammond (Advanced Acting Tecnique – NYU, CAP21),  Don Wadsworth (Audition – Carnegie Mellon).


Proper British, Cockney, German, Irish, Southern (hard and soft “R”), and New York dialects, figure skating, bike riding, flag twirler, intermediate hula hooping, awesome high-fives.


BA, Emerson College, Theater Education and Acting


Height: 5’3”                 Weight: 135                 Hair: Dark Brown                    Eyes: Hazel


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