Jennifer Flaxman

Originally from New York, Jennifer Flaxman has been performing ever since she was young, from a karaoke machine in her family’s kitchen, to emcee-ing charity events throughout her time in college. She will be graduating from Emerson College in May with a BA in Theatre Studies and Marketing and plans on returning to Southern California to jump-start her career and of course enjoy that California sunshine.

Jennifer Flaxman

(914) 806-5354 /


Film & Television

The Yard                                                 Sophie                                    Giafrese Productions, Boston, MA

Inside the Box                                       Carrie                                    The Emerson Channel, Boston, MA

Math is Love                                         Lead Female                        Student BA Film, Boston, MA

They Call Me Daphne                        Daphne                        Student BA Film, Boston, MA

Limbo                                                     Jennifer                        Lucid Films, Boston & Los Angeles


The Food Chain                                    Bea                                    Directing Project, Boston, MA

The Other Shore                                   Old Lady/Crowd            Rareworks Productions, Boston, MA

The Ugly Duckling                               Dulcibella                        Emerson College, Boston, MA

A Mad Breakfast                                   The Maid                        Emerson College, Boston, MA

Our Town                                               Narrator                        Blind Brook Productions, NY

You Can’t Take                                     Gay Wellington            Blind Brook Productions, NY

It With You


Emerson College, Boston, MA

BA Theatre Studies – Performance

* Improvisation (two semesters)

* Voice: Linklater (one semester)

* Movment (one semester)

* TV and Film (two semesters)

Special Skills

Improvisation, Yoga, Tennis, Basketball, Roller blading, Juggling

Teams / Clubs

Ultimate Improv, ImprovBoston


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