Evan Rhoda

“The art of acting consists in keeping people from coughing.”  Since age ten, Evan has prevented audiences from coughing fits all over the Connecticut/Massachusetts area, and now he feels it’s time to save Los Angeles from this epidemic!  Evan will be graduating from Emerson College in May with a B.A. in Theatre Studies.  He would like to congratulate his peers, and thank his parents for their undying love and support.

Evan Rhoda

(860) 916-1654 / Evan.M.Rhoda@gmail



“GRAY AREA”                                Lead                     A2A Productions (dir. George Tunis)
“BUSINESS AS USUAL”              Supporting         National Broadcasting Society


“SIX CHARACTERS…”                 Lead                    Greene Theatre, Boston (dir. Courtney O’Connor)
“HAROLD’S FALL”                        Lead                    Semel Theatre, Boston (dir. Joseph Antoun)
“PTERODACTYLS”                        Lead                    Greene Theatre, Boston (dir. Chris McCoy)
“CITY OF ANGELS”                       Supporting        Cutler Majestic, Boston (dir. Scott LaFeber)
“ALADDIN: A MUSICAL…”         Lead                    Godief Productions, Winthrop, MA
“THE KING & I”                             Supporting         Downtown Cabaret Theatre, Bridgeport, CT
“A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S…”    Supporting         Norris Ely Orchard Theatre, Windsor, CT


Acting: Brad Lemack (Business of Acting), Ken Cheeseman (Acting for the Camera), Ted Hewlett (Stage Combat), Scott LaFeber (Ensemble), Kathleen Donohue (Playing Self), Adam McLean (Movement).  Voice: Amelia Broome (Voice and Text – Linklater).
Internship: Denise Chamian Casting (Jan 2010 – Present)


Conversational Spanish, East Indian Accent, stage combat (unarmed, basic rapier, archery), can read music, guitar (2 years), beatboxing, piano (2 years), juggling, front flip, trampoline, sports (soccer, basketball, skateboarding, snowboarding, ultimate frisbee), PC and MAC proficient, drive automatic car


B.A. Theatre Studies – Acting, Emerson College (Boston, MA & Los Angeles, CA)


Height – 5’10’’; Weight – 160 lbs.; Hair – Black; Eyes – Dark Brown


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